Anal sex lessons for a dear friend’s husband!!

Introducing butt sex to a friend!

I love watching porn, I admit it and I am not ashamed of it either.

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However, I prefer watching quality videos, good storyline, hot actors, steamy performances and more. These filmmakers, actors, invest a lot to deliver a quality product. I just love the porn industry, it offers inspiration to girls who love making home sex movies:)

I found a hot, sexy movie, and it is about introducing anal play to a couple. The movie is hot, I can tell, within 24 hours of uploading it has received close 80k views.

The movie is close to 8-minute watch and stars the hottie, Jennifer White, I had no clue who she is, but I learnt she is the popular erotic actress from the comments sections, so I googled her, and IMDB says,”A fresh face, often suggesting a uniquely childlike innocence can be found in Jennifer White.”

The comments posted, praise the actors for their hotness, built, beauty, etc.

In the beginning of the clip, the male actor Tommy Gunn, reveals that his wife, friend of Jennifer white, wants to spice up their sex life by introducing the anal play.

Jennifer understands Tommy needs some anal training so agrees to be his anal fuck buddy.

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She gets down to task by giving Tommy a nice blowjob, boy he is well endowed, and she is best in the business of sucking cocks, so she does suck him like a slut.

blowjob sex

Lap Dance position

After some wild sucking, deep throating and all, he is ready to penetrate her tight ass. She sits on his lap facing him, and man her ass is tight and his dick looks BIG. She sits on his lap and slowly guides his dick into her tight butt hole.That is a beautiful sight to watch, made me wet as she dances on his lap making his dick slide in and out of tight ass hole.

Side by side sleeping position

After a few poundings in the lap dance position they move to side by side sleeping sex position, where Tommy guides his dick into her anus laying next to her and pounds her ass fiercely, you can hear the couch sound, which rather annoys you. Well, it indicates how fiercely he fucks her ass.

anal sex position

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Doggy Position

Finally, Jenniffer is on all her fours offering her ass to Tommy to penetrate it from behind in a doggy position. He pounds her ass from behind in doggy until they both climax rewarding her anal creampie.

Sex position

Watch full clip here


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