Bare bottom spanking is the therapy to discipline her

Butt Spanking is the way to make bratty beauty to toe the line.

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I do have a huge spank fetish! I like my butt spanked hard making it red and leaving marks on it.

I love the pain and the shivering I get from whipping, flogging, paddling and bare hand spanking and admire the sight of my beautiful rewarded and decorated rear in the mirror.

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I saw this porn clip uploaded 3 days ago and has more than 30k views. I saw the reviews or the comments, which were all positive.  It looked interesting enough for me to watch the entire 30-minute long video.

The video stars hot and sexy actress Addie Juniper.

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The Plot

The video is about a husband disciplining his wife with hard butt spanking. The clip starts with the husband and wife arguing about their schedules. Wife has an appointment with her therapist, while husband wants to go to a ball game with her.  He doesn’t like the idea of her going to the therapy on a Sunday and in revealing clothes.

Butt spanking

Looking at the way she is dressed and scheduling the appointment on a Sunday, the husband suspects there is something more going on than just the therapy and wants to know the REAL DEAL.  He bends her over his lap, and spanks her hard questioning her about the doctor and what are they up to. She insists that the doctor was helping her emotionally and that she needs to meet him that day.

Husband spanking wife's butt

Hard spanking turns her butt red and then they make an agreement and decide to end the argument. She goes on her knees to give him a nice blowjob and he reciprocates eating her wet pussy.

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Finally, he fucks her nice, wet, juicy pussy in the doggy position and ends up kissing, cuddling each other.

The video is well shot and is gaining good number of views. You can watch the clip here.

Girl has hot anal sex to revenge on cheating boyfriend

Hot Anal sex with stranger to insult cheating partner

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I saw this video on a porn site, as I been browsing for some hot porn, especially looking for anal play videos.

The video has close to 25k views in 3 days of uploading it, so I clicked on it, its almost 13-minute watch and has a routine storyline, still, I liked the clip for its high quality.

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The Plot:

A stranger follows a couple to a park, the male receives a call and he has to attend to an emergency, so he leaves his girlfriend at the park and leaves.

The stranger asks the girl, if that guy is her girlfriend, and tells her that he overheard the guy say I love to another girl over the phone.

That makes the girl sad, and angry and she wishes that even she could do the same, cheating on her boyfriend, the stranger offers his help and so they both go to the girl’s apartment.

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The revenge

At the apartment, they both tease each other and take pictures to insult the boyfriend. After the tease, the girl starts to suck strangers cock making him ready for the actual fuck.

The Actual fuck

After some cock sucking, she lays on the table spread her legs wide, and the guy plays with her ass, massaging her ass hole, admiring its beauty.

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Her ass hole is tight, and pussy lips are puffy and juicy. With ass fingering, he wants to make sure her butt hole opens enough to accommodate his thick, wide, well-endowed manhood.

Once he feels confident of penetrating the butt hole he rubs the entire length of his manhood across her acc crack, and finally shoves it slowly into her tight butt hole, making her moan in pleasurable pain. Once inside her ass hole, he starts to push his cock in and out of her ass, first slowly, to fast, and the furiously until he rewards her with all his cream.

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Anal sex lessons for a dear friend’s husband!!

Introducing butt sex to a friend!

I love watching porn, I admit it and I am not ashamed of it either.

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However, I prefer watching quality videos, good storyline, hot actors, steamy performances and more. These filmmakers, actors, invest a lot to deliver a quality product. I just love the porn industry, it offers inspiration to girls who love making home sex movies:)

I found a hot, sexy movie, and it is about introducing anal play to a couple. The movie is hot, I can tell, within 24 hours of uploading it has received close 80k views.

The movie is close to 8-minute watch and stars the hottie, Jennifer White, I had no clue who she is, but I learnt she is the popular erotic actress from the comments sections, so I googled her, and IMDB says,”A fresh face, often suggesting a uniquely childlike innocence can be found in Jennifer White.”

The comments posted, praise the actors for their hotness, built, beauty, etc.

In the beginning of the clip, the male actor Tommy Gunn, reveals that his wife, friend of Jennifer white, wants to spice up their sex life by introducing the anal play.

Jennifer understands Tommy needs some anal training so agrees to be his anal fuck buddy.

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She gets down to task by giving Tommy a nice blowjob, boy he is well endowed, and she is best in the business of sucking cocks, so she does suck him like a slut.

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Lap Dance position

After some wild sucking, deep throating and all, he is ready to penetrate her tight ass. She sits on his lap facing him, and man her ass is tight and his dick looks BIG. She sits on his lap and slowly guides his dick into her tight butt hole.That is a beautiful sight to watch, made me wet as she dances on his lap making his dick slide in and out of tight ass hole.

Side by side sleeping position

After a few poundings in the lap dance position they move to side by side sleeping sex position, where Tommy guides his dick into her anus laying next to her and pounds her ass fiercely, you can hear the couch sound, which rather annoys you. Well, it indicates how fiercely he fucks her ass.

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Doggy Position

Finally, Jenniffer is on all her fours offering her ass to Tommy to penetrate it from behind in a doggy position. He pounds her ass from behind in doggy until they both climax rewarding her anal creampie.

Sex position

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My Favorite porn video with hot anal play

Porn videos teach me new positions and styles in anal sex

Anal sex videos offer inspiration and ideas for backdoor fun. They offer ideas for new positions, styles a lot of which I try with my partners.

I have been looking up the internet to find some hot sex videos that include anal play.

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Here is one of my favourite sex clip online that attracted millions of viewers for many reasons including the hot actors, their steamy performances, the camera angles, especially.

I found this one, titled, Squirt Anal sex on the bar, it was uploaded a year ago, and has more than 3 and a half million views.

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The girl looks hot with her nice, round, soft ass she teases her man, gives him a nice blowjob makes his dick hard, and ready for a long session of wild ass fucking.

Its a hot, long session of anal sex, ends up with the guy cumming in her ass. the way the video is shot makes it very hot and helps viewers get a view of the face of the girl, see her expressions, moans, and see the guy fuck her ass using 2 camera angles.

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I got wet and juicy watching the clip, so did many others, no wonder it has more than 3 million views world over.

Though the clip was uploaded a year ago, it still gets views now, and viewers post interesting comments, mostly positive ones appreciating the beauty of the girl and the way it is shot, etc.

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If the number of views is any measure of how popular this form of sex, anal sex, is we can easily say it is becoming the favourite intercourse style for many couples now.

This video caters to that growing anal play fetish tribe and has been shot beautifully, with two camera angles so as to capture the girls’ facial expressions while showing her ass getting banged.

During the 20-minute anal destruction,  you can easily say with the moans of the girl that she was receiving pleasure from her backdoor, as the guy pounds her tight ass with his hard dick until he climaxes rewarding the girl with an anal creampie. If you like anal pleasure, you may want to watch this hot sex video.

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