This site is primarily a personal blog to help me live my anal fetish fantasies.

I shall publish content, images, videos, texts relating to anal sex fun, caution, tips, etc. I do not own most of the content, I research and use content already appearing on other sites, however, I shall try to give proper credits to the source.

If the owner of the said content has any objections to the content published on my blog, they may ask me to make changes or remove the content and I shall do so.

I would also encourage my visitors to contribute to the content of the blog. I would need all forms of content including real-life stories, fantasies, sexual health issues, videos, pics, etc. for publishing on the blog.

I intend to make some money from this personal blog so I can move it to a custom domain and a self-hosting, so when you visit my site, click on my affiliate links, or make a purchase or subscribe I will get paid a small commission.

I make the best efforts to promote safe, secure links to valuable content, reliable products and services only. I shall research the information available online at various sources before actually reviewing and recommending them on my blog.

However, as every individual is unique and different, I would strongly recomend you to carefully evaluate the products and services to see if they match your requirement.