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Anal sex videos offer inspiration and ideas for backdoor fun. They offer ideas for new positions, styles a lot of which I try with my partners.

I have been looking up the internet to find some hot sex videos that include anal play.

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Here is one of my favourite sex clip online that attracted millions of viewers for many reasons including the hot actors, their steamy performances, the camera angles, especially.

I found this one, titled, Squirt Anal sex on the bar, it was uploaded a year ago, and has more than 3 and a half million views.

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The girl looks hot with her nice, round, soft ass she teases her man, gives him a nice blowjob makes his dick hard, and ready for a long session of wild ass fucking.

Its a hot, long session of anal sex, ends up with the guy cumming in her ass. the way the video is shot makes it very hot and helps viewers get a view of the face of the girl, see her expressions, moans, and see the guy fuck her ass using 2 camera angles.

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I got wet and juicy watching the clip, so did many others, no wonder it has more than 3 million views world over.

Though the clip was uploaded a year ago, it still gets views now, and viewers post interesting comments, mostly positive ones appreciating the beauty of the girl and the way it is shot, etc.

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If the number of views is any measure of how popular this form of sex, anal sex, is we can easily say it is becoming the favourite intercourse style for many couples now.

This video caters to that growing anal play fetish tribe and has been shot beautifully, with two camera angles so as to capture the girls’ facial expressions while showing her ass getting banged.

During the 20-minute anal destruction,  you can easily say with the moans of the girl that she was receiving pleasure from her backdoor, as the guy pounds her tight ass with his hard dick until he climaxes rewarding the girl with an anal creampie. If you like anal pleasure, you may want to watch this hot sex video.

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