Communication and understanding key to anal pleasure

My first anal sex experience.

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I was 25 years old female with┬ádark desires. Several guys had asked me about it before then, but I had always demurred. To be honest, I figured that I would never do it; it just doesn’t seem like something that good girls do.

I was dating a guy with a very kinky edge to him. He confidently made it clear that he wanted to fuck me in the ass. He would finger my ass while we fucked vaginally, and it usually felt good although I was often nervous about getting him dirty–but fortunately, it never happened. He was so bold about it that he bought a tube of Astroglide and had me keep it in my bathroom so that we would be prepared when the right moment came.

About three months into our relationship, we had a dinner date. We split a bottle of wine. Back to my place, lots of kissing and the like. Soon we were in bed, and he was fucking me in the missionary position. I was really aroused. He reached around under my ass and inserted one finger, using the lubrication from my pussy. It felt good. Then he inserted a second finger, something he hadn’t done before. I was relaxed, comfortable, enjoying all the sensations. The next thing I knew, he had the head of his cock in my asshole. It actually felt kinda good, but having read about the importance of lots of lube I made him stop. “Please, get the lube.”

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