What is your favourite anal sex position?

Anal sex position with pictures.

While anal sex is as old as the human civilization itself, it is still a taboo for many!

Some consider ass hole dirty, while others may not feel comfortable with the positions of intercourse.

The bible of sex “kamasutra,” has specified many enjoyable postures for kamasutra and taking a cue from them, the modern butt sex enthusiasts also developed their own unique positions for maximum pleasure during ass sex.

Some of my favourite position for anal pleasure are

  1. Beginners bend: Those trying anal sex first time, beginners bend is the right position, as it makes the penetration smooth and easy. The couple will be in a spooning position, and the female partner bends a little to offer her anus for penetration by her lover.

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2) Bottoms-up position: This is also a great position to get used to anal sex. Similar to the doggy style, this position is easy to start and have anal pleasure, as you lay down with your bottoms up, encouraging your man to fuck ass.

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3) Standing -slide position: Once you are comfortable with few beginner positions, you can try this intermediate position for maximum anal pleasure. You stand with your legs separated offering space for your partner to penetrate your rear.

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I confess I love Anal sex

I confess I love Anal sex

Well, it is true, I love anal sex!

But, wait, am I alone?

I looked up the internet to see if I am the only bad girl who has an inclination to have her backdoor penetrated. Well, the research shows, I am not, in fact, the number of women seeking anal pleasure is on the rise…if we are to believe the search trends on various porn sites…Yay

Anal sex is pleasurable

The search trends clearly indicate that more and more men and women are getting curious and interested in anal pleasure. People are willing to try new ways to spice things up in the bedroom.

So, if you wonder what is it that makes people so curious and interested in backdoor penetration

Well, to begin with, people have been having ass sex for ages now.

anal sex history

Getty-images: an ancient pot from the Greek’s era- showing a couple having anal sex.

Besides, the excitement of spicing up sex life, there are some major scientific reasons that make anal sex a pleasurable experience.

Reasons why anal sex is fun

It’s not just in Porn movies, even mainstream movies and celebrities have touched upon, even favoured the subject of anal sex.

Celebrities Who Like Backdoor Action And Aren’t Afraid To Admit It – 1

Celebrities Who Like Backdoor Action And Aren’t Afraid To Admit It – 2

Not just celebrities, the Real Housewives of America are opening up to the idea of having their backdoor penetrated by their guys!