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I saw this video on a porn site, as I been browsing for some hot porn, especially looking for anal play videos.

The video has close to 25k views in 3 days of uploading it, so I clicked on it, its almost 13-minute watch and has a routine storyline, still, I liked the clip for its high quality.

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The Plot:

A stranger follows a couple to a park, the male receives a call and he has to attend to an emergency, so he leaves his girlfriend at the park and leaves.

The stranger asks the girl, if that guy is her girlfriend, and tells her that he overheard the guy say I love to another girl over the phone.

That makes the girl sad, and angry and she wishes that even she could do the same, cheating on her boyfriend, the stranger offers his help and so they both go to the girl’s apartment.

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The revenge

At the apartment, they both tease each other and take pictures to insult the boyfriend. After the tease, the girl starts to suck strangers cock making him ready for the actual fuck.

The Actual fuck

After some cock sucking, she lays on the table spread her legs wide, and the guy plays with her ass, massaging her ass hole, admiring its beauty.

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Her ass hole is tight, and pussy lips are puffy and juicy. With ass fingering, he wants to make sure her butt hole opens enough to accommodate his thick, wide, well-endowed manhood.

Once he feels confident of penetrating the butt hole he rubs the entire length of his manhood across her acc crack, and finally shoves it slowly into her tight butt hole, making her moan in pleasurable pain. Once inside her ass hole, he starts to push his cock in and out of her ass, first slowly, to fast, and the furiously until he rewards her with all his cream.

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