Bare bottom spanking is the therapy to discipline her

Butt Spanking is the way to make bratty beauty to toe the line.

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I do have a huge spank fetish! I like my butt spanked hard making it red and leaving marks on it.

I love the pain and the shivering I get from whipping, flogging, paddling and bare hand spanking and admire the sight of my beautiful rewarded and decorated rear in the mirror.

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I saw this porn clip uploaded 3 days ago and has more than 30k views. I saw the reviews or the comments, which were all positive.  It looked interesting enough for me to watch the entire 30-minute long video.

The video stars hot and sexy actress Addie Juniper.

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The Plot

The video is about a husband disciplining his wife with hard butt spanking. The clip starts with the husband and wife arguing about their schedules. Wife has an appointment with her therapist, while husband wants to go to a ball game with her.  He doesn’t like the idea of her going to the therapy on a Sunday and in revealing clothes.

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Looking at the way she is dressed and scheduling the appointment on a Sunday, the husband suspects there is something more going on than just the therapy and wants to know the REAL DEAL.  He bends her over his lap, and spanks her hard questioning her about the doctor and what are they up to. She insists that the doctor was helping her emotionally and that she needs to meet him that day.

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Hard spanking turns her butt red and then they make an agreement and decide to end the argument. She goes on her knees to give him a nice blowjob and he reciprocates eating her wet pussy.

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Finally, he fucks her nice, wet, juicy pussy in the doggy position and ends up kissing, cuddling each other.

The video is well shot and is gaining good number of views. You can watch the clip here.